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An Unconference is a loosely structured type of Event based on Open Space Technology.

Well known unconferences include:

  • FooCamp (started the recent craze for unconferences, ca. 2006)
  • BarCamp (a loose affiliation of unconferences)

Best practices[]

  • Start the day with an explanation of how the unconference will work. It may also help to put information about it on your website so people can understand what to expect.
  • You will need a number of spaces for people to hold sessions. On average, assume 10-20 people per session, and get about as many spaces as you need based on that.
  • Have a variety of spaces with different facilities. For instance, some could have a round table, some could be set up as a classroom, and others could be a loose gathering space around some comfy chairs and sofas. Make sure you list what kind of space each one is on the grid.
  • For a small event with only a few spaces, you can use a large whiteboard for your grid. For a larger event, use large rolls of paper to cover a wall with the grid.
  • Make sure that the top of the grid is not too high for shortish people to access.
  • Large post-its are great for writing session details on then sticking them to the grid.

Upcoming Unconferences[]

10 Feb 2010: Forum One Communications: Online Community Unconference East 2010 New York, NY, US