Community Management Wiki

Twitter is a Microblogging platform used by millions of people and is one of the most famous Social networking applications.


  • Unilateral friending/Following
  • Tags (specifically, Hashtags) are used to annotate tweets wrt their subject matter

Culture and community norms[]

  • "Retweeting" is used to Signal-boost interesting content and share it with a wider audience
  • "Tweetups" are a form of Meetup for Twitter users
  • Twitter users are particularly critical of Fail and use the #fail hashtag to talk about it
  • Certain games and practices form around hashtags, eg. Follow Friday (#followfriday)

Twitter clients[]

There are many twitter clients available. Let's just list those that are particularly useful to Community managers.

  • Tweetdeck (multi-platform) allows you to have multiple Twitter accounts (eg. your personal one and one for your brand/community/site), plus Facebook, and send any tweet to as many of those accounts as you like.
  • Tweetie (OS X and iPhone only) is lightweight Twitter that allows you to manage multiple Twitter identities and have specific search keywords for them, making it easy to ReTweet them. Threaded conversations make it easy to manage a busy Twitter account.