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A munch is an informal event in which people with a common interest gather for a Meal. Munches grew out of Sexual subcultures on Usenet, particularly, in the early 1990s(?) and are still common in related communities: there are BDSM munches, poly munches, etc., in many cities.

Best practices[]

  • Munches are usually run on a regular date, eg. the Nth Fooday of the month
  • Munches are generally held at a Restaurant. You should choose one which offers a variety of types of food, including vegetarian food.
  • Venues which can handle large groups of unspecified size are ideal. Food courts are particularly good for this.
  • If you need to book ahead of time, get RSVPs from attendees to find out numbers
  • If your munch is for members of a sexual subculture, you may wish to make it clear (through your website, event notices, etc) what your Community norms are with regard to attire, flirting, etc. to avoid discomfort for attendees