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Many Events provide Meals for attendees.

Best practices[]

On-site meals[]

  • Always provide vegetarian food. This is a common dietary restriction that is easy to address.
    • If you can handle other special food (eg. kosher, vegan, gluten-free) allow attendees to specify their food needs at Registration time.
    • If you can't handle special diets, be clear and up-front about this.

Off-site meals[]

  • Prepare a single page print-out listing nearby restaurants and providing a map
    • Make sure you list a range of restaurants including some that have good vegetarian food
  • If your city has good coverage in Yelp or a similar website, let your attendees know about it
  • Provide at least 1.5 hours for off-site meals, as people will need to take time walking to restaurants, and restaurants may be slow serving large groups

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