Community Management Wiki

The following list of topics is just a rough braindump of ideas for this wiki to cover. Please feel free to add anything you like!

Community platforms and tools[]

Events and F2F stuff[]

Notable communities we should write about[]

Moved to List of communities.

Financial and legal[]

Resources for CMs[]

  • Bibliography
  • Metrics - we really need to come up with a standard toolbox for communities to see what's going on in community fora. See for one effort to standardise on something
  • online resources
      1. octribe
    • @cmtychat
    • listservs / google groups
    • nings
    • blogs
    • twitter lists / twitterers of interest
  • Online Community Roundtable
  • events
  • resources specific to CMs in specific industries (e.g. online gaming)

Community types[]

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