Community Management Wiki

The Community Management Wiki is an attempt to document and synthesize what we know about community management.

What is community management?[]

Community management is the theory and practice of creating, building, maintaining, and guiding all kinds of communities, whether online or offline, large or small. Communities have a wide variety of purposes, Structures, and Values, and each one has different needs. A community manager helps a community be the best it can be at whatever it is that it does.

See Community management for more information.

What is this wiki for?[]

  • Explaining terms and concepts relevant to community management
  • Describing best practices
  • Reviewing and recommending tools
  • Offering case studies of well-known or interesting communities
  • Offering further reading and other resources for community managers

Can I help out?[]

Of course! This wiki is editable by anyone. Please join us in building a great information resource.

Some good places to start include: