Blogs are a form of regularly-updated website that shows articles in a reverse-chronological order. A blog can be part of how you communicate with a community, or the blog can be a community in its own right.

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  • It's generally best to update blogs regularly, to maintain reader interest. At least once a week should be a minimum, and daily (or more) is best if you want to build a strong following and community.
  • Make sure you provide an RSS feed so that people can subscribe to your blog via a feed reader, Aggregation facility, etc.
    • RSS feeds for comments are also very useful
  • Allow comments. Blogs which do not allow comments do not build community.
  • Provide an organized, carefully-edited list of recommended blogs in your sidebar, and frequently link to related websites and blogs in your posts. This is both a service to your readers (who may want to explore related material) and a service to other bloggers in your community. If your links are helpful to people, it will often inspire them to keep coming back to you.
  • Be a human being. Readers are more likely to connect with a blog if it comes tied with some personality and identity. Faceless corporate brands are hard to form relationships with.
  • Be consistently trustworthy and interesting.  If your readers sense that you're being dishonest or superficial, they will lose interest quickly. 

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